Our Services

An innovative business model

  • A consulting business model puts the stress and pressure in our hands, creates a collaborative environment between writers and editors, saves time and money, and allows for one point of contact between your account person and content creation
  • We have created a custom technology-based platform, our Dashboard, for routing documents through our secure website

Core competencies

  • We understand the differences between various types of medical writing including promotional writing for HCPs, managed care writing for pharmacy & medical directors, regulatory writing for NDAs, CME writing for grant-funded programs, and DTC writing for the public
  • All initial drafts are edited, fact-checked, and reviewed by a pharmacy and/or clinical consultant without compromising deadlines
  • Our database of over 150 consultants contains only reliable, specialized writers who do the job efficiently while communicating effectively to the appropriate audience
  • We employ only the most competent and skilled writers who deliver compelling copy with a keen understanding of their therapeutic area and strict attention to detail

Why you should work with Meditors

  • You value simplicity and efficiency
  • We can cut your copy costs
  • We are better than our competitors because we consolidate the work efficiently into a flexible team approach